The Outlaw and The Popular /Folk Hero: A Review Article

J. S. Ryan


This is a generous and powerful treatment of the authority defiant figure across many cultures and centuries. While Graham Seal’s major work to date has been largely concerned with medieval England and colonial Australia, this is a fine and world-ranging survey, and a study presented with a compassionate identification and with a pleasing wit. It is, quite simply, Australia’s finest national and comparative volume in the global scholarship of the folkloric discipline.


Folkloristics; Graham Seal;

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Seal, Graham, Outlaw Heroes in Myth and History (Anthem Press: London, New York, Delhi, 2011). Pp. viii, 232. ISBN-13:978 0 85728 792 2 (Hbk); ISNBN-10:0 85728 792 3 (HBk).


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