The academic fellowship and supportive ambience of Wright College, A Longtime Seminal ‘Folklore Centre’—and one significant for the closer study of Australian Social History / Regional Australian Identity, Non-Indigenous / Settler Heritage, and Culture, within the University of New England, Armidale, N.S.W.

J. S. Ryan


This paper treats the progression of 'Wright' thinking folklorists through some four generations of folklorists associated with Wright College at the University of New England with a focus on figures such as Russel B. Ward and Alan T. Atkinson. In this way, it explores Wright College as a hub for the development of Folklore Studies in eastern Australia. It also chronicles the movement of the journal Australian Folklore from Western Australia to the University of New England in New South Wales.


Wright College; University of New England; Armidale; Folklore Studies; Russell Ward; Alan Atkinson; Australian Studies;

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