Frank Eyre (1910-1988), a significant shaper for: definitive writing of Australian history and culture, supporting the nation’s myth-makers and the most important national identity recorders from 1948 to 1976

J. S. Ryan


This paper provides some account of Frank Eyre's carefully selected and supported writers and scholars, and his brilliant success in facilitating their carefully crafted, nuanced and sensitive responses—especially to the earlier white Australian experience, and so to sharpen its people’s thinking about its own truer identity than the prevalent and simplistic treatment as still accorded to them so often in print / sound media just after World War II; and so to some consideration of his then so memorable editing and publishing of significant texts—from his selected and so perceptive and collaborators of the highest quality; and his similar immigrant co-worker in their like campaigns of shaping / actualising the Australian experience in print, Grahame K.W. Johnston (1929-1976).


Frank Eyre; Grahame K.W. Johnston; Australian identity; national identity;

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