Editorial: The first issue of Palaeoindian Archaeology

João Carlos Moreno de Sousa


With this issue, we launch the international journal Palaeoindian Archaeology (PA). The idea for this journal started during a discussion with Otis Crandell, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Lithic Studies, a scientific publication based in the U.K., about the need for more open access to scientific publications. Through that discussion emerged the idea of creating not just one more academic journal, but a publishing platform that could collaborate in the creation of a diverse range of publications (journals and books) that would be free of charge for authors and readers. Along with the extensive help of Līga Zariņa, Kvasir Publishing (KP) was created in the beginning of 2016. Also during 2016, the first publication of KP was created - Palaeoindian Archaeology, focusing specifically on research related to what is known today as the "Palaeoindian period" This issue therefore marks not just the first issue but also the first official publication hosted by Kvasir Publishing.

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